Did you know?

Less posh but with extra benefits

Our deodorants are in a paste form packed in a metal or glass container. You use your fingers to scoop the deodorant and also as applicators. Yes, we could have used waxes to bind the ingredients together and pack the deodorant in an applicator type container. It would have been perhaps more elegant, but very wasteful as adding unnecessary ingredients makes the product less sustainable.

The question is; why not use our fingers to apply deodorant to our pits? It’s just like applying lotion to your face and other parts of your body, and when you use your fingers as applicators, you can choose the amount of deodorant you use (so it is less wasteful) and also feel your skin and make sure there is nothing abnormal in your pits.

Why do we pack our personal care products in metal & glass containers?

We’re using metal & glass containers because it takes a lot of energy to produce plastic. The process of manufacturing plastic is not eco-friendly.

It’s estimated that plastic can take hundreds of years to disintegrate when sitting in a landfill. When plastic breaks down, it releases toxic chemicals into our soil air and water. This problem can be avoided by recycling plastic instead of sending it to a landfill - however, different plastic requires a different process of recycling and most plastics can only be recycled once or twice.

Metal and glass, on the other hand, are 100% recyclable. They can be recycled again and again.

Ancient wisdom, minimum ingredients and a clean conscience

Following our research and constant learning, we've returned to ancient knowledge and natural methods that were practised all over the world for years yet forgotten and are a great and better substitute to the chemical laden products that our world is full of.

When we formulate a new product, we only use minimum ingredients that won’t harm the air/water/soil. Perhaps it affects the consistency of our balms/deodorants, making them softer in the summer and harder in winter. However, by adding more ingredients - especially waxes and stabilisers - we might affect the fragile eco-balance and cause unnecessary pollution.

Moreover, because most of our ingredients are food grade, they are very safe to use.

This is what allows us to guarantee the highest quality with a clean conscience.

We believe in zero-waste and low-waste products

Our products are in recyclable and reusable packaging.

For example, BreathLess, our tooth powder, is packed in zero-waste packaging, a stainless steel salt shaker you can refill again and again...

The refills are bagged in a compostable paper bag, and we're very proud of that little innovation.