What our customers say

I was first introduced to It's All Good Products when invited to event where they introduced us to their products.  Anat explained how everything has evolved for their products. 
The science behind everything's use, not just the nice smells.  A lot of thought has gone into the production of these natural skincare items.  I love the products and the environmentally friendly packaging.
The lip balm - My lips are a bit addicted to lip balm and I  have found with this one that I don't have to reapply as often.  I haven't had any coldsores this summer either.
Brow Tonic - After using this for 3 months people are commenting on my brows and where did I get them done!
Good Riddance - No more getting attacked by mozzies divebombing me at night.  A quick spritz from this and they are gone.
Nourishing Body Oil - just one small squirt goes a long way and absorbs easily into your skin so you don't get oil stains on your clothes, and your legs are silky smooth.   
Terra deodorant - Goes on easily even in the winter, nice smell and works brilliantly.

Rose. B


She'll Be Right Balm

this she’ll be right balm is amazing! i use it for everything, it can heal any cut or pimple, i also use it as a lip balm and it stays on for hours. highly recommended!

Ellie R.

Have you tried natural deodorant? I am very sensitive to chemicals, (they give me headaches and cause me anxiety) so I can’t use any artificial deodorants & perfumes. And after having a baby I was aware of how harsh the chemicals and strong perfume would be effecting his small nose and body. I tried many different natural deodorants. A lot of them failed and I just ended up stinking and feeling embarrassed.
I then discovered you can detox which is important to get rid of all the toxins build up after years of using chemicals on my skin. Then I discovered @itsallgnz . And I stuck with it because it works. This deodorant is made in New Zealand from scratch by the most lovely couple, it’s all-natural and it actually works. Also comes in tins you can recycle and use again, even more, eco friendly. Definitely recommend. I just love their products! So get on board and help support New Zealand businesses if you’re looking at taking the more natural route I am not 100% perfect in my eco-friendly living but I love making small doable changes because every little effort counts.

Shoshanna Shand

Lemon & Bergamot Deodorant

These deodorants are amazing. I work as a mechanic so I sweat every day and have to deal with customers. This is the only deodorant that I have found that will last all day and it is totally natural. I also used it on a 4 day tramping trip again it was brilliant. The only thing I would say about it use to be careful with is don't use too much. About a pea size at most. It is also NZ made. Buy it and you won't be disappointed.

Adrian Curtis

She'll Be Right Balm

I've had the pleasure of doing some PR work for Anat at It's All Good (just disclosing that to be transparent). Having learnt about the It's All Good products in the process, I bought some 'healing balm' to counteract the impact of using lots of hand sanitiser over the past few months. The It's All Good 'healing balm' has made an amazing difference right away. It really is a fantastic product and I will be buying more. Thanks Anat!

Jacquie Walters

"For Her" Cooling & Balancing Gel For Menopause Relief

 have had amazing results using the For Her Cooling & Balancing Gel For Menopause Relief. This product has been an absolute god send! I was suffering with mood swings, nausea, lack of energy, lack of sleep, restless legs and sadness to name a few. I apply the gel to my pulse points whenever required and I am so much calmer and definitely balanced! This product smells devine as well and at a very reasonable price I am delighted at this find. Thank you.

Elise M

Aromatherapy Diffuser Blend - Calm

Purchased a calming essential oil from it's all good, Beautiful scent and have had the best calming healing sleep ever since using this amazing product thoroughly recommend it's all good natural and organic personal care.

Shawn J

BreathLess Tooth Powder and Lemon & Bergamot Deodorant

I'm a first time user of the deodorant and the Breathless teeth cleaning powder and all I can say is WOW!
The deodorant, lemon and bergamot, smells fantastic and kept me feeling fresh all day long as well as the Breathless powder.
I fully recommend these products.

Tamara B

Good Riddance- Mosquito & Sandfly Repellent

I live in Charleston where there are sandflies a plenty It's All Good bug spray is amazing and it works a charm - I highly recommend it!

Jillane H

Lavender Deodorant and Good Riddance- Mosquito & Sandfly Repellent

Absolutely love the deodorants, they last for well over 24hours!!! my husband also trialled out the insect repellant on our daughters camp and did not get one bite, while all other camp parents were being bitten after they applied other brands! All agreed it had a very lovely scent too - and my hubby is not into smells at all!!! Absolute pleasure to deal with these guys, totally reccomend to all who love natural, organic goodness!!

Kylie C

Deodorant smells great

I wish I bought the bigger one because I really like this deodorant. The smell and feel is really neutral and it feels good to use.


Beautiful and effective 

This is a great deodorant. It goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly, smells beautiful, and actually works and preventing odour!

Sandi B