How a gigantic Feijoa changed my life!

I don't really eat feijoas, and that's a funny statement coming from someone who bought a house with a feijoa grove.
When we decided to move from Nelson to the west coast, we fell in love with our house but weren't sure about the approximately 100 feijoa trees in the backyard. We were not sure what to do with all the fruit! Especially on the west coast, where everybody grows feijoas! 

So we decided not to sell our feijoas but give them away to friends and neighbours. Particularly to one friend who makes a beautiful feijoa wine. This year, our friend fed the soil around the trees with special natural fertiliser. I realised that crawling under trees gathering feijoas became a dangerous task! Because this year, the size of our feijoas doubled compare to previous years. And when one gigantic feijoa dropped on my back and left a bruise, it became a bit scary.

But that's when I had my EUREKA moment. After that, I understood what made the change and what I need to do to be healthier.

And here's what I found-
Our friend fertilised the soil with Humic and Fulvic acid. Both originated from Humus, the organic component of soil, created when microorganisms eat through decaying leaves and other plant materials. This process is known as humification. Humic compounds such as Humic acid and Fulvic acid have been shown to stimulate plant growth and enhance nutrient uptake. 

And then I realised, perhaps that's the missing link!

All my adult life, I believed that If you eat a healthy balanced diet, your body will thrive.
Well, I was wrong. Because that rule was great 100 years ago, but it's not valid today.
No matter how healthy your diet is, you probably have a mineral deficiency that affects your health. It's not the food; it's the soil!
Modern Agricultural practices stripped much of the nutrients from the Earth's surface.
Food grown today contains only 20-30% of the nutrients found in food eaten by our grandparents when they were young.
The water that we drink are mostly filtered, stripped of minerals and sometimes chlorinated. Unfortunately, those are not the same water that our ancestors drank or used for watering their veggie gardens in the past.
So even if you eat a healthy balanced diet, it only contains a portion of nutrients essential to the body, and you probably have a mineral deficiency.
I suffered from mineral deficiency and didn't realise it!  
I was eating healthily, and I was taking supplements and still felt that my health is deteriorating and my energy levels are dropping. I felt old and unhappy. 
I was missing something and wasn't sure what it was. Until I was hit by the gigantic feijoa and realised that I needed a boost of minerals just like our feijoa trees, and the solution is Fulvic.

I searched and found that we have a fantastic source of Fulvic in New Zealand, and after reading about it, I ordered some to try.
My husband and I started drinking Fulvic tonic daily. Within several days, we were both feeling better. We felt a massive shift in our energy levels; we felt stronger, happier, slept better and accomplished more daily.
Fulvic has become a part of our daily routine, and I realised that it's helping me with my food allergies and sensitivities, and I can't wait to see what else it can do for my overall health.

Today, I know that Fulvic is not just for plants; it is a natural ingredient used as a health tonic supplement in traditional practice for many years.
The Fulvic we use is extracted from a mineral-rich soil seam deep within the South Island of New Zealand and contains a full spectrum of minerals and trace elements essential for optimum function and health in the human body.

What can Fulvic do for you?
Fulvic can easily penetrate living cells to deliver essential minerals, support the removal of toxins and support normal cell function and energy.
It supports nutrient absorption, supports energy levels, supports the immune system and helps detox the body.

Do you suffer from mineral deficiency?
If you're wondering if you suffer from mineral deficiency, here are some of the symptoms: hair thinning and loss of hair, discoloured nails, weight gain/loss, digestion problems, low energy, poor health, migraines and headaches, high blood pressure, dry, red, inflamed, prematurely ageing skin.

What do experts say about Fulvic?
"the most important health-building compound because it is natures intended vehicle for transporting minerals and other nutrients into living cells. This is not 'just another supplement', but a powerful, life-giving substance that is quietly disappearing from our food, and this is taking a toll on human health." (NZ Journal of Natural Medicine 2020)

You can read more about Fulvic here.

If you have questions about Fulvic and what it can do for your health- flick me an email or send me a message. I'm happy to help and share more details because I believe in sharing goodness.


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