What are essential oils and how to use them?

Essential oils are highly concentrated volatile and potent plant extracts; it’s vital to be aware of their essential characteristics and precaution and to handle them with care. They are safe when used correctly. We recommend reading about essential oils before starting to use them. Essential oils are obtained through several different extraction methods. The oil is extracted from the most aromatic part of the plant - for example, Sweet Orange essential oil is extracted from the rind of the orange.

As they are so potent, essential oils should always be carefully diluted before applying them to the skin. Undiluted use of essential oils on the skin can be harmful and potentially cause severe irritation or sensitisation.

Dilute the oil safely with your choice of carrier oil, NOT water. Essential oils do not dissolve in water.

Dilutions can vary based on personal needs and individual essential oils. Using a 2% essential oil dilution is generally considered a safe guideline for topical application of essential oils on adults when an essential oil does not have a more restricted dermal recommendation.

For children or elderly, cut the dilution in half. With children, use only essential oils regarded as safe for children.

Babies can be extremely sensitive to essentials oils; please seek expert advice.

A good rule of thumb when attempting to make a 2% dilution is to add 12 drops of essential oil to 30 ml of cold-pressed carrier oil, lotion, vegetable butter or other natural lipids/moisturiser. If redness or irritation occurs, refrain from using the specific essential oil.

About It's All Good Certified organic essential oils

It's All Good Certified organic essential oils are all 100% oil from the purest sources possible.

We import our oils from ISO 9001 certified companies; the ISO International Standards Organisation) has specific regulations about essential oil quality, as well as awarding companies that demonstrate transparency in their practices, along with the quality of the oil. On top of that, we make sure to only import USDA certified organic oils.

Are It's All Good Certified organic essential oils therapeutic grade oils

Yes, as they are 100% pure non-diluted certified organic essential oils - you can’t get better than that!