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PURE Tallow & Ostrich Oil Moisturiser Salicylate-Free

PURE Tallow & Ostrich Oil Moisturiser is a hypoallergenic Face and body moisturiser developed for people who suffer from a salicylate allergy and for anybody who suffers from sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Tallow & Ostrich Oil Moisturiser has multiple benefits for your skin - it rejuvenates, moisturises and strengthens your skin barrier, is anti-inflammatory and does not clog pores. PURE Tallow & Ostrich Oil Moisturiser is the most potent moisturiser & repair cream on the market! It's able to heal deeply cracked skin and is scent-free, preservative-free and salicylate-free.


PURE Tallow & Emu Oil Day & Night Cream Salicylate - Free

A nutrient-rich cream developed for salicylate allergy sufferers and for people with sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Pure Tallow & Emu Oil cream contains unique, Intensely nourishing whole ingredients that will give your skin the vitamins and minerals it needs to heal itself and stay soft, smooth and itch-free day and night. Scent-free, preservatives-free, Salicylate -Free.


PURE Minerals Toothpaste

PURE Natural Minerals Toothpaste for complete care, gentle cleaning and teeth strengthening for the whole family. NZ's only Natural salicylate-free toothpaste.


PURE Deodorant for sensitive skin. Unscented

NZ's only Natural salicylate-free deodorant for sensitive skin. It is unscented, FREE of aluminium, baking soda and coconut oil, and safe for the whole family.


PURE Concentrated Hand Cream Bar, Salicylate-Free

Dry, rough and cracked skin no more! Reverse the damage that cold, dry winter weather is doing to your hands with PURE hand cream bar, a concentrated moisturising power packed into a lightweight, reusable tin.


Emu Oil (organic)

It's All Good Emu oil is a unique, odour-free, non-greasy oil with a rich, creamy consistency that contains a rare combination of powerful antioxidants with excellent benefits for skin, especially for Salicylate intolerance/allergy sufferers and for dry, sensitive skin prone to dermatitis, eczema and allergies.


PURE Konjac Sponge for face

100% Vegetable fibre sponge for gentle face cleansing.


PURE Moisturising Shea Butter Facial Soap - Unscented

Cleanse and hydrate your skin with our BRAND NEW product - Shea Butter Facial Soap, a gentle and moisturising soap. Once wet, it becomes a cleansing lotion, cleansing your skin while hydrating and leaving it soft and moisturised.


PURE Tallow soap - Unscented

A gentle and non-drying soap suitable for all skin types, specially designed for salicylate allergy sufferers, sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Naturally Salicylate-free. Handmade with 100% nutrient-dense grass-fed and finished Tallow.


Sustainable Bath Sponge

A luxurious 10 - 13 cm sponge that is as soft as lamb's wool when wet and lathers beautifully with liquid or bar soap.


Sustainable Face Sponge

A luxurious sponge that is silky, gentle, and soft when wet allows you to cleanse and exfoliate your face gently using only water. It can also be used along with liquid or bar soap.