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4 easy ways to keep your home smelling fresh year-round.

Want to have your home smell clean and fresh year-round? Here are some tricks I've gathered over the years. All of them are natural, safe and budget-friendly,

How a gigantic Feijoa changed my life!

When one gigantic feijoa dropped on my back and left a bruise, I had my EUREKA moment. After that, I understood what I need to do to be healthier.

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Dry Winter Skin

You can take easy steps to help your skin retain sufficient moisture and keep it feeling and looking healthy, even when the temperature plummets and there's no escape from winter's dry, cold air. 

Double Cleansing - The secret to happy and healthy skin

Double cleansing your face is a secret of skincare gurus and dermatologists. The logic behind this method is simple and easy to follow, and the results are astonishing. Are you ready for an easy routine that will benefit the health and appearance of your skin? If so, keep reading! 

Goodbye over-plucked sad brows, hello beautiful, thick and healthy brows!

The look of mercilessly plucked eyebrows that was fashionable in the last half of the 20th century as well as the early 2000’s, has left some of us with weak and thinning looking eyebrows. So if you'd like to strengthen and regrow your eyebrows in a natural way keep reading!