How to deal with Sandflies and Mosquitoes?!

Hi, my name is Anat, and I'm a walking buffet for every Mozzie and Sandfly that is looking for a tasty nibble. If you're like me, I've got a solution for you!

Propolis - What is it, and why we use it in our balms.

Propolis has been used by mankind for many centuries. Egyptian priests used it for embalming mummies, Roman soldiers took Propolis with them on their military expeditions and used it topically and internally for the treatment of wounds, ulcers, boils and as an analgesic and the Incas used it to prevent and reduce fever.

Why should you detox your armpits?

Did you know that prolonged use of conventional deodorants and antiperspirants can not only cause health risks but also non-appealing "Cosmetic symptoms"?

Do we really need to brush our teeth?

Most of us believe that our dental health is directly related to how much we brush and floss. But what if there is more to it than that?