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Goodbye over-plucked sad brows, hello beautiful, thick and healthy brows!

The look of mercilessly plucked eyebrows that was fashionable in the last half of the 20th century as well as the early 2000’s, has left some of us with weak and thinning looking eyebrows. So if you'd like to strengthen and regrow your eyebrows in a natural way keep reading!

Minimalist and sustainable skincare- The NEW skincare you'll love

Are cosmetics companies try to make us into skincare products hoarders? Do we really need the TEN steps of the face care regime? And what is REAL sustainable skincare?

Enhance your skincare routine for Autumn

Autumn is the time to be extra gentle to your skin. Avoiding stripping it from its natural oils and giving it the proper nourishment while keeping your personal care routine simple, quick and effective, is the best thing you can do for your skin.

How STRONG is your perfume?

Many of us enjoy wearing perfumes daily because they bring us joy, relaxation and memories. Perfumes also boost our self-esteem and allow us to portray our individuality and personality. There are two types of perfumes, which one leaves the best impression?

Not just environmental harm- Are plastic toothbrushes damaging your teeth?

We are all aware of the great harm plastic toothbrushes are causing the environment. But did you know they can also damage your teeth?