Why we support minimal packaging

Have you ever wondered about what to do with those difficult to recycle old cosmetic containers? 

How about old toothbrushes, used toothpaste tubes and flossing tape containers? 

In 2020, about 80% of plastic polluting the ocean comes from poor waste management on the land. 

For those of us committed to recycling to divert plastic from landfill, these personal grooming products pose a real problem.

According to Stephen Clarke, Head of Communications at Terracycle Europe, "120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry" and recycling them can be challenging. The problem is that many of these items are made of blended materials that can't be easily recycled. Furthermore, recycling becomes virtually impossible if there's any leftover product in the tube or container.

Unfortunately, when you buy a product, you also buy any waste associated with the product. Yes, cosmetics and personal care products should look lovely and inviting, but perhaps it's time to minimise the access packaging. 

At It's All Good, we try and minimise the associated waste. Therefore we chose to commit to our philosophy and use only minimal packaging for our products.

We offer our products in low waste and zero-waste containers and choose paper, glass and aluminium as packaging. We're fully aware that we have some plastic components in our spray bottles, but we're determent to find a future alternative.

What we are very proud of is the packaging of our BreathLess tooth powder. Packed in a stainless steel salt shaker, you can refill again and again.

We are all responsible for waste, it starts with us and ends with us. So let us all support minimal packaging, for our earth and us.


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