The brand new creams that ease the burden of your healing journey

  • Anat Edwy

Doctors like to differentiate ailments, name them, and research them while prescribing a plethora of lab-made medications and topical lotions, but do they even help?

We, natural medicine practitioners, see the skin and body as one. Your skin is showing distress? It’s not the skin’s fault; it is just a reflection of your inner health. 

Simply put, everything you eat, breathe, drink and apply to your skin may cause harm to your health on the inside, which reflects onto your skin’s health on the outside.

So, known modern ailments such as SIBO, MCAS, oxalate burden, salicylate allergy, histamine intolerance, sensitive skin, dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis (the list is long!) are linked to your gut health and exposure to environmental toxins. From a holistic point of view, we see that the root cause of most modern skin ailments comes from a stagnated clearing mechanism in your body. This means that your body is struggling with the burden of toxins, so it starts portraying skin complications such as itchiness, irritation, inflammation and redness. As your body becomes sicker, symptoms will show themselves in crucial internal systems within your body, such as your respiratory system. 

It doesn’t matter how your doctor defines your condition; we can help better your life by improving your skin’s health on the outside as you take care of your overall health from the inside.

So, what can you do to help heal yourself:

Do your research, change your diet if needed, and see your choice of natural medicine practitioners, like a homeopath, naturopath or traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. You will be surprised by the results; as a classical homeopath, I can attest that homeopathy is a powerful medicine with brilliant results.

Your ailments can be healed from the inside, supported by natural ingredients that know how to deeply penetrate your skin and help speed up the healing process.

At ‘It’s All Good’, we created two “healing support” creams using only three traditional, science-backed ingredients (only two wonderfully wholesome ingredients in each product): Beef tallow, Emu oil and Ostrich oil.

When combined, the ingredients of the PURE Day & Night Cream (containing only Tallow & Emu Oil) and the PURE Tallow & Ostrich Oil Moisturiser (containing only Tallow & Ostrich Oil) work synergetically and are more powerful than any other natural ingredient; they tame skin redness, stop itchiness, reduce inflammation and rejuvenate, moisturise and strengthen your skin barrier.

Beef tallow, Emu oil and Ostrich oil are our heroes when it comes to:

  • Replenishing dry, scaly, thinning or irritated skin.
  • Reducing signs of ageing.
  • Supporting collagen production.
  • Reducing inflammation and helping minimise damage from external aggressors such as sun radiation (which includes ultraviolet radiation, visible light, and infrared radiation), air pollution, tobacco smoke and cosmetic products.
  • Preventing additional moisture loss by forming a protective hydrophobic barrier. This barrier repels water from entering the cells but allows air to pass through them freely.

Which cream/moisturiser should you choose from?

Both products are fantastic for your skin; the main differences between the two products are in the consistency, the depth of skin penetration and the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids.

The PURE Day & Night Cream (Tallow & Emu Oil) has a thicker consistency; it was designed to stay on the skin for a more extended period as an active protective layer; that's why it's perfect to put on before you go to bed so that you wake up with your skin feeling fresh and moisturised. 

It is the perfect choice for application to areas covered by clothing material, as it stays longer on your skin because of its thickness.

The PURE Tallow & Ostrich Oil Moisturiser has a lighter consistency; it gets absorbed deeper into the skin because Ostrich oil, which consists of over 70% oleic acid and palmitic acid, has an even higher skin-permeability than Emu oil. Moreover, it has approximately ten times the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids compared to Emu oil, which makes it more potent.
It is the perfect choice for uncovered areas and deeper skin cracks.

The PURE Cream & and the PURE Moisturiser are hypoallergenic and made from the safest and purest ingredients; they are free from known irritants such as fragrances (natural and synthetic), preservatives and salicylates. Both products are safe to apply on baby’s skin, perfect as a diaper rash cream, and useful for any dry, red patches.

So, if you have reactive/sensitive skin or know someone who can benefit from the most potent moisturiser and cream on the market, why not give it a go? We are sure that you will experience amazing results so that you can live your life itch-free and comfortable in your skin.

(Written by a Classical Homeopath and a skincare specialist)

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