How to deal with Sandflies and Mosquitoes?!

Hi, my name is Anat, and I'm a walking buffet for every Mozzie and Sandfly looking for a tasty nibble. I can sit with a group of people and end up being the only one attacked by those horrible critters.
I've learned to live with it. There was no escape for me, and believe me, I tried all the possible natural repellents but still ended up with multiple bites all red, hot and annoying. 
So I've developed the "Magic Bites" balm, which is excellent for the aftermath, but it took me a long time to decide that I have to create some product to stop the attacks! 
The need to produce an effective insect repellent increased when we moved to the West Coast about a year ago. Honestly, the Mosquitoes and Sandflies on the west coast are the most vicious ones I've ever endured in New Zealand.
I had to get in gear and start being creative! A Deet free solution was necessary!  
So we at 'It's All Good' mixed all kinds of concoctions until we found the perfect one!

Introducing the "Good Riddance" insect repellent! An alcohol and chemicals free spray with a subtle smell that works! 
If you, like me, need a good repellent for the summer that:

  • Safely repels Mosquitoes and Sandflies
  • Effective
  • Long-lasting
  • 100% Natural, Organic & Vegan
  • Alcohol, Deet & Picaridin free 

Then "Good Riddance" is what you've been waiting for!

It's water-based, so it is very light on your skin, fast-absorbing and non-sticky and has a pleasant scent. 
I always carry one with me whenever I go exploring.  And now you can get one from our shop.
Let's all enjoy a bite-free summer!


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