4 easy ways to keep your home smelling fresh year-round.

  • Anat Edwy

We all want to have our homes smell clean and fresh year-round. But sometimes, when the humidity in the air rises, and it's too cold to crack the windows open long enough to ventilate your house properly, there's this musty smell that can make your home feel less welcoming and even a bit unpleasant. But don't worry, I've got some tips on how to get rid of those musty smells in your home in no time! And not only are they easy and affordable, but they are all-natural and safe because we care about your health, budget and the quality of your air.


A salt diffuser is a vessel that carries salt and essential oils. Not only is it the most traditional way of diffusing, but it is also the safest and healthiest way. The salt absorbs and removes allergens, toxins and extra moisture from the air making it easier to breathe while creating a relaxed feeling, and the essential oils fight the bacteria in the air, freshening up your room with their beautiful aromas and creating a beautiful and relaxed ambience.

Salt diffusers are passive diffusers. When placing salt and essential oils in the diffuser, the salt carries the essential oil particles slowly so that you can enjoy their benefits for longer and the smell is not too overpowering. Don’t forget, essential oils are highly concentrated natural oils extracted from aromatic plants and herbs. They have fantastic medicinal properties, but introducing too much oil into the air can have negative effects. The salt diffusing slow-release means that you don't need to add more essential oils several times a day. It’s healthier and more economical. It’s recommended to add more essential oils to the salt only when the aroma has vanished.

Unlike modern diffusers, salt diffusers introduce only salt micro-particles, negatively charged ions and essential oils into your house. They don't add extra moisture as modern electrical diffusers do. Because if your house is musty, you surely don't require more moisture in the air...

You can choose to mix your own essential oils or use ready-made blends, but before you purchase your chosen scent, make sure the essential oils you're using are organic, unadulterated and safe - like ours


Baking soda is highly beneficial in eliminating odours, especially in confined spaces. Most unpleasant odours come from either strong acids like sour milk or strong bases like spoiled fish. Baking Soda deodorises by transitioning both acidic and basic odour molecules into a neutral, more odour-free state. Baking soda not only absorbs odours and neutralises them, but also absorbs moisture. Simply pour 1 cup of baking soda into a shallow bowl and leave it uncovered in any place that smells musty, such as refrigerators and closets. 


Add a few drops of essential oils to the baking soda bowl. Essential oils like lemongrass, peppermint, pine or eucalyptus are great for freshening the air and keeping unwanted bacteria away.


If you haven't tried any of our Odourable sprays, check them out, they are different from any other home spray you've used before. The Odourables are natural, organic & safe sprays that effectively eliminate smell-causing bacteria, cleansing the air and disinfecting surfaces with the power of essential oils. The sprays are free from alcohol and synthetic ingredients, safe for people, animals, the planet, and will lift your spirit with their pleasant aromas.

We offer four different sprays:

Fart Fighter - A bathroom spray that helps keep your bathroom smelling clean and fresh time after time.

Home Sweet Home - A spray to refresh your house with a floral aroma for a relaxed ambience.

Bin It - A bin spray for any type of bin in your house - compost, nappies or your ordinary rubbish bin. The spray gets rid of lingering smells and cleanses the air with a subtle herbaceous aroma.

Gym Bag - A special spray for your gym or travel bag. It eliminates sweaty smells from your bag and shoes, leaving them with a clean and fresh aroma.

Enjoy your winter without musty smells, and instead enjoy using safe and natural solutions.  

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