Minimalist and sustainable skincare- The NEW skincare you'll love

  • Anat Edwy

How many products do you think the average woman has on her bathroom shelf? 
It might surprise you to learn that most women will have more than 15 products. Just check out your social media for #shelfies to see just how much we love having the latest range of new and improved cosmetics. 
It isn't easy to sieve through all the new and promising products or follow a daily face routine with 7 or even 10 steps!
We have to ask ourselves, why do cosmetic companies encourage us to use all those products and steps? And are all the products we use genuinely essential for our skin health and well-being? Or are we suffocating our skin with too many layers of products? While impairing its natural barrier with over-exfoliating and overuse of supplements like Retinol?

Let's talk about sustainability and minimalist skincare.
You surely heard about the term "sustainability" (avoidance of natural resources depletion to maintain an ecological balance). It has been a buzzword in many industries, including the beauty industry, in the last few years. But while most companies translate sustainability literally and put their effort toward changing the packaging and recycling, they still encourage consumers to buy more, which contradicts the essence of sustainability.

REAL, sustainable products are something else. They are products that can multitask; they are preferably concentrated (so you use only a tiny amount compared to regular skincare products). They are cost-effective because you don't need to replenish them so often, and they save us the need for purchasing excess products.
All of the "It's All Good" products are designed to be sustainable and concentrated - deodorants, balms, face and body products, to name a few. When using "It's All Good" sustainable, multitasking products, your skincare routine will become minimalist-shorter, more effective and with great results.

We encourage you to begin your sustainable and minimalist skincare habits by thinking mindfully about what you and your skin need.
Remove excess products from your shelves and simplify your life (and your skincare routine). You'll be saving time and money and gaining healthier and happier skin because LESS is MORE.




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