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  • Anat Edwy

Let me share my story with you. Up until a couple of years ago, every time I have gone to my dentist for a clean or a general check-up, I was always told how much electric toothbrushes are better for cleaning your teeth and gums than a regular plastic toothbrush and how you need a strong whitening toothpaste to protect your teeth and keep them fresh and clean. So I did it. I bought the best electric toothbrush I could find on the market and toothpaste that promised the best results. 

Several months later and I couldn't do it anymore. Every time I brushed my teeth, my gums would bleed, and my mouth would ache for a significant amount of time while the toothpaste would burn my tongue until it felt numb. It was hell. And on top of that, my teeth started to feel loose.

So I decided that enough was enough, and I needed to figure out what the professionals couldn't.
So I started searching, trying this toothbrush and this toothpaste, but nothing seemed to work, no matter how 'organic' and 'natural' the product came to be. Finally, it reached a point where I had to take matters into my own hands, so I decided to create something from scratch that just made sense.

I decided to channel my inner hippie and think outside the box. Why a tooth PASTE? Why not something else…

I went into my happy place-research mode, and gathered information on natural alkali ingredients that keep bacteria out of the mouth for an extended period of time, encourage mouth health, combat plaque and tartar, remove toxins and heavy metals while strengthening and healing the gums.
I didn't want to add unnecessary ingredients like foaming agents, colours, sweeteners, artificial flavours etc., that are used in commercial toothpaste.
So instead of creating my own toothpaste and putting it in a tube or a container, I decided to leave it in powder form.

It was such a game-changer!

All of the ingredients magically worked together, and my mouth stopped aching, my teeth stopped being loose, and my bleeding gums healed super fast! 
After a time of multiple trials, we've decided to launch our tooth powder, 'BreathLess', and it's been a best seller ever since.

So, what's in the BreathLess toothpowder???

The toothpowder contains ingredients like Bentonite Clay, Diatomaceous Earth, Soda Bicarbonate, Unrefined NZ Sea Salt and Turmeric, which collectively work together to reduce inflammation, clean your teeth and gums, strengthen and heal the gums and stop them from bleeding, combat plaque and tartar, detox your mouth from heavy metals and remineralises the teeth.

A zero-waste product!

Because we don't want to add to the world's pollution, we pack the powder in a stainless steel shaker that you can refill whenever you need it and offer compostable refill bags to purchase on our website.

And what about the toothbrush? I decided to ditch the electric toothbrush (research shows they are too harsh on the enamel of your teeth and contribute to the weakening of the teeth and receding gums) and choose a toothbrush made out of bamboo. It is much softer on the teeth and is also biodegradable!
And because these two items are such a great combo, every time you buy a BreathLess or a BreathLess refill, you will receive a FREE, biodegradable bamboo toothbrush.

Think this sounds too good to be true? Well then, have a read of some of our reviews from very happy customers:

What do people say about 'BreathLess'?

Mary. B - This miraculous powder helped me cure my bleeding gums, funky breath and my constantly sore teeth.
Jenny. R - This stuff is awesome I've been using it for a few months and have noticed such an improvement. 
Rachel. D - My gums healed! Hallelujah! I don't have the horrible metallic flavour in my mouth, and my teeth are healthier and whiter. 
Amy. A - I love my BreathLess and will never go back to commercial toothpaste!
John. L -This miraculous powder helped me cure my bleeding gums, funky breath and my constantly sore teeth. It's so easy to use, and I've already bought a refill and got a new bamboo toothbrush with it. Score!
Shoshannah. S - I've been using this toothpowder for almost a year now. I've noticed I don't get bad breath. My teeth used to be really sensitive and that's stopped since using BreathLess. It has a light peppermint flavour which I enjoy cuz it's not overpowering.


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