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BreathLess Refill

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A non-fluoride tooth powder for teeth cleaning & gum protection for the whole family.



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BreathLess is a mild-tasting tooth powder that helps freshen breath and whiten teeth with regular brushing, encourages mouth health, helps reduce bleeding gums, combat plaque and tartar and remineralises teeth.


Sprinkle powder on your open palm, dip your damp toothbrush, distribute the powder around the teeth and gums. Brush as usual and rinse.


Bentonite Clay, Diatomite, Soda Bicarb, Pure Unrefined New Zealand Sea Salt, Turmeric*, Awla Churan*, Spearmint Essential Oil*.



Bentonite Clay - Works to eliminate toxins from heavy metals in your mouth and is rich in minerals that can nourish teeth and gums. It also acts as a mild abrasive and helps in teeth whitening.

Diatomite - For detoxification and removal of heavy metals.

Soda Bicarb - A natural cleanser that gently polishes and whitens teeth. It’s less abrasive than most commercial toothpaste.

Awla Churan - Natural source of vitamin C and other nutrients that help strengthen the gums, support connective tissue health, combat bacteria in the mouth, and prevent tooth decay and cavities. Additionally, it prevents bad breath.

Unrefined New Zealand Sea Salt - Full of tooth-nourishing minerals and a natural cleanser. It also helps in massaging and strengthening gums.

Turmeric - Anti-inflammatory. It acts as an all-natural cleanser and is antibacterial, deeply cleansing and whitening. It won’t leave your teeth yellow!

Spearmint Essential Oil - Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains Menthol, that is known for its cooling effect, and can help in preventing bad breath. 


BreathLess tooth powder has a high alkalinity formula designed to keep harmful bacteria out of your mouth for an extended period of time. It supports remineralisation and tartar control.

It is a Low abrasion formula mage with 100% sustainably sourced natural and organic ingredients. It is free from fluoride, gluten, dairy, sugar and sweeteners. Suitable for vegans.

BreathLess is a concentrated powder. A little bit goes a (very) long way. Based on customer reviews, on average, one 70gm container can last up to 7 months of regular use for one person.

BreathLess is a ZERO-WASTE product. 

Packed in a refillable stainless steel shaker, accompanied by a bamboo toothbrush & an organic cotton bag.

The shaker prevents the powder from getting wet. Keep the shaker closed to avoid humidity getting into the powder.

Available size - 70gm.

Shelf life - 2 years.


Refills are packed in a compostable paper bag, accompanied by a bamboo toothbrush & an organic cotton bag. 

Refill size - 70gm

This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.