Propolis - What is it, and why we use it in our balms.

  • Anat Edwy

The word 'Propolis' originated from the Greek words "Pro" - To Protect, and "Polis" - Community.
Thanks to Propolis, bee populations have been able to protect themselves against infections for millions of years. 
Propolis is a brown, sticky, resinous substance gathered by bees from the surface of the buds of Evergreen trees such as Birch and Poplar.
Bees use Propolis as a hive defence and in the construction and repair of their hives, such as sealing openings, repairing cracks and smoothing out the internal walls to create a protective barrier against external invaders like wasps. Bees also use Propolis as a protective sealant against weathering threats like wind and rain. 
Propolis protects the hive against fungus, and is also a natural disinfectant, uses to clean and sterilise the inside of the hive.

Propolis has been used by mankind for many centuries. Egyptian priests used it for embalming mummies, and Roman soldiers took Propolis with them on their military expeditions and used it topically and internally for the treatment of wounds, ulcers, boils and as an analgesic and the Incas used it to prevent and reduce fever.

Those are the reasons why we chose to use Propolis as a principal ingredient in our balms.
At "It's All Good", we use sustainably sourced 100% NZ Propolis, alongside Manuka honey and beeswax, which also have excellent therapeutic qualities, and add botanicals to enhance our balms.  

Protect yourself and your family, like the bees do, by using our balms-

  • "She'll be right" - Multi-purpose healing balm that is great for Grazes, dry, cracked skin, insect bites, cuts, wounds, burns, scarring, Cold sores, fungal infections, eczema & psoriasis relief.
  • "Magic Bites" - A soothing balm for Sandfly & Mosquito bites. It's excellent for soothing inflamed & irritated skin. It reduces itching & swelling, encourages healing and reduces scarring.
  • "Survival Balm" - Survival Balm is the ultimate all-purpose balm for all skin requirements and emergencies when you're out in the wild. Use Survival Balm for mild burns, grazes, cuts, chafing, itching, swelling and dry skin, an insect repellent, and for insect bites, it is also a sun-screen and even a deodorant.
  • "Hemp & Propolis Lip Balm" - A unique lip balm for Cold sore Support. It is rich in naturally occurring Eugenol that fights the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV).

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