The art of gentle face care - part one

  • Anat Edwy

If you've tried multiple face care regimes, invested a small fortune in various products and still feel that your skin is dehydrated/sensitive/red/oily and overall unhappy, let me introduce a gentle
and easy face care routine that is science-backed and sensibly priced.

Our face care routine was specially designed for busy women that prefer a gentle, easy and quick face regime using only pure and natural ingredients with excellent results. 

How to prevent dry, over exfoliated and wrinkled skin

If you've been using soaps and scrubs to remove dirt, toxins and other contaminants from your face, perhaps you've experienced dry, sensitive and itchy skin or an increase in oiliness, redness, pimples and rashes.

Soap and exfoliating scrubs remove the dirt from your skin, but the constant act of exfoliation keeps removing the top layer of the skin without letting it heal properly. The premature exposure of underlying skin may develop a tight, waxlike texture that is not the glowing skin you're hoping for.

It also removes our natural face oils (sebum), which encourages breakouts, irritation and scarring, leading to premature skin ageing. Moreover, our body counteracts the forced dryness by producing more facial oils that promote breakouts, pimples and overall unhealthy skin.

So harsh exfoliating ages and damages your skin. But we all know that exfoliating is essential! Because it:

  •    Cleans and purifies closed pores
  •     Removes dead skin cells and encourages new skin cell turnover.
  •     It helps skincare products penetrate deeper
  •     Boosts circulation 
  •     Evens skin tone

So can we exfoliate our face gently without causing harm to our skin while gaining beautiful glowing skin?

Yes, simply use the gentlest exfoliating method - Konjac sponge with just added water.

Konjac Sponges are made from the Konjac root, a type of starchy root vegetable. They allow you to gently cleanse and exfoliate your face in one simple step, giving your skin a smooth and glowing look without causing irritation.
They are perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive or delicate skin. Konjac Sponges are the ultimate tool in natural, effective skincare.


A makeup remover, cleanser and toner in one product?! Yes! 

Now you can remove makeup and dirt from your face in one simple step! By using It's All Good Micellar water.

Micellar water is a skincare product that can help cleanse and tone the skin. Besides promoting skin hydration, removing dirt and oil, and helping keep skin clear, it's suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It is made up of micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in soft water. The micelles are attracted to dirt and oil, so they can draw out impurities without drying out the skin.

Plus, it's portable, convenient, and easy to use, making it a worthwhile addition to your skincare routine. All you need to do is soak a cotton or Charcoal pad and gently wipe over your eyes and face until all your makeup is removed. That's it! The Micellar water will leave your skin clean and nourished. You don't have to wash your face after; just apply your choice of face oil, serum or cream if needed.

We add to our Micellar water a unique, essential oil, Geranium Bourbon. It has a beautiful floral and herbaceous scent. It has the ability to balance the female hormones, balances the mind and the emotions during times of agitation and sadness and is also great for balancing and elevating all skin types. 

Micellar water is a soapless and Alcohol-free product. It won't strip the skin of its natural fats or sting, and it helps restore hydration and enhance the skin's natural barrier function.

Try our gentle face cleaning methods and maintain healthy glowing skin effortlessly.



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