Kissed by the sun? She'll Be Right!

  • Anat Edwy

I'm usually sun-smart; coming from a hot country, I've learned to wear a hat and apply sunscreen before going outside.   

But I was born in the 60s, and we didn't have sunscreen back then, so being tanned was the ultimate goal. We achieved it by applying baby oil all over our bodies and lying in the sun, flipping from side to side like an omelette with a timer. 

One day though, I got so sunburned that I looked like a lobster! It really hurt! And my mum was super angry when I got home.

My mum's natural elixir for sunburnt skin was milk kefir, and she applied it all over my red and sometimes blistered skin. But unfortunately, the relief was only temporary. The burning sensation stayed with me for several days, and my newly tanned skin I had worked so hard for, was peeling off… 

Grandma knows best!
My grandmother was an Apiarist and taught me about the health benefits of bee products like Propolis, Honey and Beeswax. 
When I visited her straight from the seaside, with crispy red and burnt skin on my back, she was not impressed. I was sent to lie in bed while Grandma covered my tortured skin with a thin layer of honey mixed with propolis and wrapped it with a cotton fabric while ignoring my constant whining. My skin healed within several hours; the redness was gone, and so was the burning sensation.
Many years later, I've developed the 'She'll Be Right' balmManuka honey & Propolis balm made from a combination of soothing and healing anti-inflammatory botanicals, bee products and antioxidants. 

She'll Be Right, the perfect after-sun care.
The 'She'll Be Right' balm soothes your skin after time in the sun, moisturises it and speeds skin healing. It's a rich balm containing skin-loving, soothing and healing ingredients like Manuka Honey, Propolis and Calendula.

She'll Be Right. Just put it on!
She'll Be Right balm is a safe and natural multi-purpose healing balm for the whole family. It soothes inflamed, irritated skin and reduces itching and swelling. In addition, it creates a protective barrier for rapid healing. It heals grazes, dry, cracked skin, cold sores, fungal infections, insect bites, cuts, wounds, and burns.

You can also use the 'She'll Be Right' balm for tattoo care, cuticle care, scarring, Eczema and Psoriasis relief. You can use the balm as often as necessary. It is easy to carry, effective and safe.


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