Versatile ways to use our Odourable range

  • Anat Edwy

Even though each one of our Odourables sprays is made for a specific purpose, they are very versatile in what they can be used for.

Our Gym Bag Odourable spray doesn't have to be used just for your gym bag; it can be used for any bag. All you have to do is empty your bag from any of your personal belongings, spray the bag inside and outside with the Gym Bag spray and let it sit for a few minutes before using it again. Aside from bags, the spray can also be used on your clothes. For example, if you have just finished working out and are getting changed out of your sweaty gym clothes and don't have time to air them out, you can spray your clothing items with the spray before putting them in your bag to help eliminate the smell of sweat (and stop your bag from smelling in the first place). The same goes for your shoes. If your shoes don't smell the best, quickly spray them, and within seconds you won't have to worry if your shoes smell. Another way you can use the Gym Bag spray is in the actual gym. For example, suppose you want to work out in a studio or a similar space, and it doesn't smell pleasant. In that case, you can easily spray Gym Bag around the room, and within seconds there will be a completely new pleasant aroma rather than a lingering sweaty, musty smell.


Our Bin It spray doesn't have to be used just in the kitchen bin; it can be used in any bin. For example, if you have a child still wearing nappies, the Bin It spray is perfect for eliminating unwanted smells that may come out of your dirty nappy bin. Just a few sprays will fix any lingering dirty nappy odours. Aside from eliminating unwanted odours, the Odourables sprays can also disinfect and be used for cleaning purposes because of the Organic Essential Oils they contain. So, for example, if your fridge is beginning to smell odd, you can use the Bin It spray to not only eliminate the odd smells but it will also clean your fridge! Just empty your fridge, spray the bin It spray, wipe it with a dry cloth, wait 5 minutes, then wipe the surface again with a wet cloth and enjoy a clean and beautifully smelling fridge.


Our Fart Fighter spray is intended to eliminate unwanted bathroom smells. However, it can also be used on other surfaces and has a very distressing effect due to the Lemongrass and Eucalyptus Essential Oils, which are excellent in reducing stress, anxiousness and exhaustion.
The Fart Fighter spray is perfect for cleaning items such as your yoga mat. When you roll up your mat after practice, you are rolling all of the germs, dirt, grime and whatever is on the floor beneath you. Then when you unroll it next time, your mat has all of that nastiness on the very same surface where you put your hands, feet and face. To eliminate that, spray your mat with the Fart Fighter spray, wipe your mat with a dry cloth, wait 5 minutes, then wipe again with a wet cloth, and enjoy practising yoga on a clean mat with the calming benefits of the Essential Oils.



Our Home Sweet Home spray is not just about eliminating unwanted smells from your home. With its floral aroma, the spray has fantastic soothing, relaxing and sleep-promoting properties. One spritz, and you can feel all the tension going away. You can spray Home Sweet Home in your bedroom if you're feeling stressed before you meditate or go to bed for a relaxed night's sleep. 


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