Why you SHOULD detox your armpits!

  • Anat Edwy

Did you know that prolonged use of conventional deodorants and antiperspirants can not only cause health risks but also non-appealing "Cosmetic symptoms"?

I'm sure you've heard before that Aluminium-containing antiperspirants prevent toxins from being expelled by the body.
These toxins build up in the body and clog up the lymph nodes around the armpits and breasts and might cause breast cancer.
The Aluminium also affects the blood-brain barrier and is linked to the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

But that's not all; there are also "Cosmetic Symptoms" that affect your armpits that are less looked at but are real warning signs that your body needs detoxification.
These symptoms are caused by the combination of the chemicals from the antiperspirants with our sweat and the shaving of our armpits. 

Have you ever experienced:

Dark discolouration of the skin.
Allergic reactions such as itchiness, redness and dry skin.
Strong body odours that increase with time, despite applying body sprays & deodorants multiple times a day.

If you've experienced these symptoms, it's time to make a change! 

  • Start using Aluminium-free deodorants with detoxing agents such as Coconut oil, Baking soda and Diatometious earth. 
  • Avoid deodorants that contain wax. Wax is being used in natural skincare as a barrier and moisture retainer; therefore, when applying a cream containing wax on your body, it will keep the skin moisturised for an extended period of time. But this ability interferes with the detoxification process. We want the toxins to leave the body surface and not linger. 
  • Wash your armpits with 100% natural soaps - avoid soaps that contain Synthetic Fragrances, Talcum, Parabens and Colourants.

It will take time, but your armpits will detox, and you'll be able to enjoy having beautiful, healthy skin and greater health.


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