For Her – Cooling & Balancing Gel For Menopause Relief

'For Her' is a cooling & balancing gel for Menopause relief to help you control menopause symptoms, including hot flashes and mood swings and assist with hormonal balancing while hydrating and nourishing your skin. Designed by women for women.




Don't let menopause stop you from living your life to the fullest with the assistance of "For Her", - a fast-acting cooling and soothing gel that calms and balances your mood swings, night sweats and hot flashes when applied to the back of your neck.
'For Her' is discreet, fast acting and effective, keeping you cool anytime and anywhere. 


Apply a few drops of the gel to the back of your neck. You can also apply it to pulse points on your wrists and temples.

Use as needed.


Water, Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil*, Aloe-Vera*, Glycerine (Palm-free)*, MCT Oil*, Calendula Oil*, Vit E*, Plant Lecithin*, Xanthan-Gum, Eco-Cert Preservative,  Essential Oils of Peppermint*, Clary-Sage* and Geranium*.



'For Her' gel is designed to minimise and control the symptoms of menopause and allow every woman to live her life to the fullest without the fear of uncontrollable hot flashes, profuse sweating and mood swings. 

'For Her' gel is discreet, quick and effective. It keeps you cool anytime and anywhere. 

'For Her' gel is made with the most cooling and balancing botanicals - Aloe Vera soothes and cools the skin, the Hemp, MCT and Calendula oils soothe and nourish your skin, and the Essential Oils balance your hormones and mood and provide a cooling effect. 

'For Her' gel is packed in a recyclable and reusable amber glass bottle.

Available size - 50ml.

Shelf life - 2 years.

To maximise shelf life, store your 'It's All Good' products in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.
You can even keep them in the fridge during the peak of summer.

This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.


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