GYM BAG - Bag And Shoe Spray

Say goodbye to the sweaty smells from your bag and shoes and enjoy a clean and fresh aroma.




Forget the chemical-laden conventional sprays and eliminate unwanted smells naturally and safely with GYM BAG spray, the safest way to remove lingering odours from your sports equipment.

GYM BAG Bag And Shoe spray is made with Certified Organic Essential Oils, Water, an Emulsifier, and an Eco-Certified Preservative. That’s all! And that’s enough to eliminate unwanted odours safely and efficiently with just a few squirts.

GYM BAG Bag And Shoe spray doesn’t cover bad odours; it eliminates them with the power of Essential Oils.
The Essential Oil blend used in GYM BAG Bag And Shoe spray is great for fighting the bacteria that cause odours. The blend has strong disinfectant properties, and its aroma is just the best. Because it is made only with natural ingredients, it is the safest option for odour elimination around the house.

GYM BAG Bag And Shoe spray is:
Natural, organic, and safe
Eliminates smell-causing bacteria
Disinfects surfaces
Free from chemicals and synthetic ingredients
Safe for people, animals, and our planet
Lifts your spirit with a pleasant aroma
Made in New Zealand

Instructions: Shake well. Spray your bag and shoes as needed. Avoid eye contact. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
It contains Water, Essential oils of Cypress*, Lemongrass*, Lemon*,  Eucalyptus*, Juniper*,Plant Lecithin, and an Eco-Certified Preservative.
Size-100ml. Packed in metal spray bottle. Shelf Life 2 years.